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Growth significantly the development of science is able to adopt a variety of application of knowledge to the emergence of new branches of knowledge.One of the reforms in the areas of knowledge related to the art is the emergence of a branch of art associated with the use of advanced tools.

Branch of the art knowledge relating to the use of technology is the emergence of a branch of art, like acting (particularly soap operas), documentation (cinema), audiovisual (keproduseran) and others. Forum for the assessment of knowledge in fields related to the use of such sophisticated equipment led to claim the role of knowledge in the field of arts and adaptation. The emergence of technology-minded branch of art be a sign that the vehicle for the development of art and knowledge of art in connection with the insight of technology capable of adapting new knowledge as a container casting art talents relate to the use of advanced tools.

Art as a methodology to introduce someone to understand the object into the problems associated with the work of art and socializing. With imagination, someone who learned the art can be chestnut wishful especially in finding new things, creating new things, and memodivikasi existing findings into new forms as a representation of something that has long existed.

The branches of the arts as mentioned above is the basic strength of a very effective way to bring inspiration to many people. Imagination of someone who learned the arts can be developed more widely with improving and developing the language of motion, appearance, sound, and sounds to keep growing and evolving according to reputation level and body language, the language of movement, as well as the language of sound combined with a psychological approach.

Artistic activity which is encased in the manufacture art form of artwork associated with the reflection of ideas, and actions associated with the continuous process. Arts activities involving some aspect of multilingual, multicultural and multidimensional able to reach out widely over a few things namely.

1. Setting up a parallel education,
2. Develop knowledge of different cultures,
3. Providing community values
​​, cultural Introduce the education, as well,
4. Help educators and educated to develop perspective multicultural.

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